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360 Panoramic wifi camera 360 Panoramic wifi camera
-33 %
Model: BI-VM-EB-F2-3M
360 Panoramic wifi camera  Built-in 3 MP fisheye camera super wide-angle lens, it offers you 360-degree view for about 100 Square meters(1076 Square feet). How many common cameras do you need to achieve such a wide range of monitoring? At least 4 pieces. Think about how much money you wil..
₹6,860 ₹4,602 Ex Tax:₹3,900
BI-VM-EB-01-1M BI-VM-EB-01-1M
-51 %
Model: BI-VM-EB-01-1M
₹8,249 ₹4,012 Ex Tax:₹3,400
BI-VM-EB-02-2M BI-VM-EB-02-2M
-36 %
Model: BI-VM-EB-02-2M
₹7,000 ₹4,484 Ex Tax:₹3,800
Bluei 4G Router with sim card Bluei 4G Router with sim card
New Hot
Brand: Bluei Model: 4G Router
If you want to Connect any DVR to the Internet Just in 1 Minute don’t want to deal with wires and still want to remain connected to the internet, using a Bluei 4g router with sim card is the best option. That said, even your wireless router is using a cable to bring the internet to your home. ..
₹2,950 Ex Tax:₹2,500
bulb wifi camera bulb wifi camera
-49 %
Model: BI-LE-BULB-C001
A bulb wifi camera with a panoramic camera: constant 360-degree surveillance captures everything without the need for manual rotating. Live video monitoring with playback option on mobile phone and tablet Powerful mobile app: full control of the camera and LED lights through the mo..
₹2,750 ₹1,416 Ex Tax:₹1,200
Cloud Wifi camera Cloud Wifi camera
-52 %
Brand: Bluei Model: BI-VM-E3-3M
Cloud Wifi camera "smart home automation & sensors": Bluei Unique feature that supports to attach additional WiFi plugs & switches with camera for smart home automation. Add additional security sensors like door/window or motion sensors with supports up to 128GB. apart of this, you may sto..
₹9,250 ₹4,484 Ex Tax:₹3,800
double antenna wifi camera double antenna wifi camera
Hot -49 %
Brand: Bluei Model: BI-LE-ROBO-A001
double antenna wifi camera makes it easy to baby monitoring, elderly parents, or pets, gym, offices wirelessly on your mobile phone or tablet--anytime, anywhere. Easy to Setup and Remote View at Anywhere. Complete 1080HD Resolution without any compromising: double antenna wifi camera ha..
₹3,000 ₹1,533 Ex Tax:₹1,299
Fisheye Wifi Camera Fisheye Wifi Camera
-49 %
Model: BI-MA-FE-I001
Now security on your finger-tip when it comes to family safety, baby monitoring, pets safety Fisheye Wifi Camera is the best product, Easy Setup, and the quality can help you view the targets clearly. Made from good quality material. 2 MP IP with a 360-degree wide-angle view with 1/3’’ fisheye len..
₹2,875 ₹1,475 Ex Tax:₹1,250
Robot Camera Robot Camera
-51 %
Brand: Bluei Model: BI-VM-E2-2M
This Robot Camera build in 2mp with the super wide-angle lens, now you can do baby monitoring on your fingertip it provides  Pan + 90° Tilt Rotation for the excellent viewing experience, you just need to plug and play this robot camera easy to install.Robot Camera Cloud Technology: plug and..
₹7,000 ₹3,422 Ex Tax:₹2,900
Sports Wifi Camera Sports Wifi Camera
-56 %
Model: SPORTS4K-S001
Only high quality would tell the real story: 4K High-Resolution Sports Wifi Camera Video & 16M HD Pictures: Professional video recording and photo shooting, it gives you incredible and splendid footages and pictures.Edit and post easily and freely: Built-in WiFi & HDMI Output easily and f..
₹4,000 ₹1,770 Ex Tax:₹1,500
Spy Wifi Camera Spy Wifi Camera
-50 %
Brand: Bluei Model: BI-GC-B-K001
Spy Wifi Camera with battery backup with 120-degree FOV provides you a wide view. One key to lock the video in case of emergent situation Video Resolution: 1080P (1920 x 1080),720P (1080 x 720) . Advanced H.264 photography compression technology keeps high-quality videos and plays a part in saving s..
₹4,501 ₹2,241 Ex Tax:₹1,899
Spy Wifi Camera Spy Wifi Camera
-48 %
Brand: Bluei Model: BI-GC-B-K001
Real-Time Preview: Spy Wifi Camera is the latest 2020 Full High Definition/resolution 1080 HD small Spy Wifi Camera that gives the best quality images and videos at your smartphone (from an app -v380 pro) anywhere in the world. Indoor & Outdoor use. Best for home, offices kitchen, garden, office..
₹2,499 ₹1,298 Ex Tax:₹1,100
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